Contract Management

Contract Management
Track Variations, Dayworks and Valuations

You've won the job now make it pay! Management software to help you maintain profit on every job.

Contract Management

You've won the job now it has to pay. Amtech has a range of Contract Management software to help you maintain your profit on every job. Manage all aspects of your project including materials and labour costs - track variations, dayworks and valuations to maximise profit.

  • Job Costing - run and report jobs efficiently
  • Procurement – Buy materials at the right time and the right place. Ensure people onsite have what they need and when they need it
  • ToolsMaster – Manage tools and plant items issued to operatives and sites
  • Price and track Variations, Dayworks and Valuations to maximize profit
  • Contract Management

    Track Variations, Dayworks and Valuations

    Powerful tools in Enterprise Contract Management software allow you to price and track Variations, Dayworks and Valuations to maximise the profit on each contract.

    Simpler product selection

    Make product selection and purchasing a simple and accurate procedure by accessing manufacturers’ catalogue numbers and product range details – all housed within Central Price File. Supplier details also include user-defined Preferential Discounts, so you can work with your true buying prices all the way from estimating through procurement to checking suppliers’ invoices.

    Standard labour norms

    Achieve greater consistency across your company by using the Standard Labour Norms feature, which can be customised as you wish.

    Wide ranging integration

    Share information and reports easily through integration to general office packages such as word processing and spreadsheets. Similarly, more specialised packages such a Microsoft Project, Powerproject and Primavera can easily be used to create initial task details for programmes of work, contract cash flow forecasts, labour resource planning etc.

    Instant view of job values

    Collate up-to-date information from various Enterprise modules to provide an instant view of job values such as estimated values, variations, dayworks etc. Static header information for enquiries and projects, such as type of work classifications, daywork rates, main contractor’s discount, retention percentages, start and completion dates and site address ensures key information is available for everyone who needs it and facilitates powerful analysis reporting across your business.

    Key contact information

    Track key contact information using the contact database and address book with it’s synchronisation to Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, Information about each contact is only entered once and then shared throughout the business by all those who have authorisation.

    Standard formats

    Save reports into standard formats such as Excel, Word, pdf and html, making further analysis and manipulation of information very easy. Embedded e-mail tools for sending and receiving enquiries, projects and individual estimates as attachments to standard leading e-mail packages, such as Microsoft Outlook, make exchanging information using electronic means simple and intuitive.

    Features List
    • Automatically creates Schedules of Rates from Enterprise Estimating
    • Able to edit all values in variations to arrive at the desired rate
    • Automatically checks between each Valuation and Schedule of Rates
    • Full integration with Enterprise Procurement to adjust the Master Buying List with material requirements for Variations or Dayworks
    • Tracking options keep you informed at all times
    • Customisable templates for Applications
    • Flexibility to break down contract sum into sections and unlimited sub-sections
    • Dynamic links to Enterprise Contract Costing Quick and easy valuation of completed work, unfixed materials, Variations and Dayworks
  • Procurement

    An intelligent, flexible buying management system

    Make effective buying decisions and control your purchasing. Procurement helps you to buy your materials at the right time and at the right place as well as ensuring people on site have what they need, when they need it.

    Master Buying List

    Use the Master Buying List to provide constant comparisons of purchasing performance against estimated purchasing requirements, with automatic warnings to highlight areas of over ordering in time to take corrective action.

    Drag and drop purchase orders

    Create single or multiple Purchase Orders directly from the Master Buying List simply by ‘dragging and dropping’, ensuring quick and accurate creation of Purchase Orders without the need for any typing skills.

    Global purchasing

    Create, view and manage material requirements and Purchase Orders across all your contracts from one central place in the software.

    Controlling stock

    View stock availability before placing Purchase Orders with suppliers - and even issue materials from stock to fulfil contract material requirements – using integration with Stock Control.

    Staying in control

    Use the direct links between Purchase Orders and the Buying List to ensure that any amendments to Purchase Orders are automatically reflected back into the Buying List, providing an up-to-date position of current material purchases.

    Features List
    • Intelligent buying to obtain the best prices
    • Constant monitoring of purchasing performance
    • Automatic creation of a Master Buying List with no re-typing
    • Optimum supplier routine to achieve the best price across a range of products
    • Global purchasing across multiple contracts
    • Full integration with Enterprise Estimating, Contract Management, Contract Costing and Stock Control
    • Full use of the Central Price File shared across Enterprise modules
    • 'Drag and drop' creation of single or multiple Purchase Orders
    • Constant updating between Purchase Orders and Buying List
    • Electronic materials requisition
    • Delivery note and supplier invoice matching
    • Efficient management of suppliers’ and sub-contractors’ quotations when integrated with QuoteMaster
  • ToolsMaster

    Complete tracking of all tools, plants and vehicles

    Track testing, servicing, who has what, where and when the item is due back.

    Tighter control of plant and tools 

    Develop a detailed overview of plant and tools usage throughout the company, including location of all items by name, serial number and engineer or contract items were issued to. You can also issue items to specific operatives or contracts for a pre-defined period of time.

    Integration with other areas of the business

    Manage tools and plant with the ContractMaster folder environment for close integration between different areas of contract management

    Links to Contract Costing

    Automatically re-charge tool and plant costs to specific projects using links to Contract Costing

    Features List
    • Integration to Contract Costing for charge-out costs to each project
    • Comprehensive log of information including serial numbers, PAT and service dates
    • Automatic reminders for testing, servicing and dates due back from site
    • Notes feature for additional information
    • Ability to allocate plant to engineers and contracts for pre-defined periods
    • Various options for sorting data, including tools issued to individual operatives
    • Powerful reporting capabilities to provide a full picture of plant and tool allocation
  • Job Costing

    Amtech software provides a central focus for all activities related to running a project, providing a dynamic view for the financial health of each project.

    Contract Costing bridges the gap between accounting functions and the operational side of the business, putting you in control throughout the project - with the ability to anticipate potential problems and take remedial action immediately.

    Performance Against Estimate

    Estimates can be imported into the system to give you the project budgets. These are automatically adjusted when variations occur to give you up to the minute cost and revenue projections. Actual costs can be analysed against your estimated costs at either cost head level or drilled right down to a product level. Committed and actual costs are all fully visible.

    Profit Reporting

    Amtech Costing software has a comprehensive range of reports to ensure you can track every element of your project. These reports are not only useful for project managers but also for the
    financial department within your business. All reports can be exported to Excel for additional analysis.

    Applications, Certificates & Invoices

    Applications for payment can be raised for both clients & sub-contractors. Payments against these applications are recorded by generating certificates. The applications and certificates also allow you to manage MCD and retentions. Invoicing options include schedule of rates, time & materials/cost-plus and pre-agreed schedules. The system allows for multiple charge tables, quoted works and interim claims.

    Purchase Orders

    Raise requisitions and purchase orders for both materials and sub-contract with Luckins MEP specific database. This allows you to manage committed costs for a job and track your ordering performance against your estimate. Integrates with Amtech Stock as well as purchase/nominal ledger with Amtech Accounts or Sage.

    Time Sheets

    Input and approve engineer time sheets across multiple rates and codes. Allocate this to a job or contract and include any deductions and expenses. System is fully integrated to SAGE Payroll.

    Small Works

    Sales invoices can be raised for small works jobs. Templates and draft invoices can be produced from job costs. Multiple invoices can be raised using batch routines to save time. The system also allows you to e-mail invoices to clients.

    Features List
    • Keeps you in control of costs as each job proceeds through its life-cycle
    • Tracks material, labour and sub-contractor costs
    • Records purchases and issues from stores
    • Raises Applications for Payment and sales invoices
    • Processes Payments Received and Certificates
    • Compares budgeted costs with actual costs
    • Manages and sorts all of the documents relating to each job
    • Shares information with estimating and accounts
    • Uses ‘Wizards’ to guide you through each step
    Job Costing
    Product Guide
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