A unique range of software products

Estimating software, designed for the building services industry. Containing more time saving features than any other product in its class. Quick to learn and easy to use.

The market leading estimating software for building services

A unique range of estimating software products for the building services industry. Containing more time saving features than any other product in its class yet quick to learn and easy to use. Designed specifically for both mechanical and electrical contractors.

  • Create Professional Estimates
  • Weekly Integrated Database Update Using LiveUpdate
  • One entry of central supplier information used by all departments
  • Automatic generation of Quotation requests, to your own design
  • Fast accurate 2D takeoff
  • Take accurate measurements from any PDF or scanned drawing
  • Estimating XG

    The Market Leading Experts in Estimating Software

    Estimating XG is the first of a new generation of modules designed to meet the challenges facing contractors in today’s marketplace and is the start of an evolution in MEP software. Fully integrated with Luckins data, Estimating XG brings speed, efficiency and standardisation to the estimating process.

    Create Estimates Fast

    Estimating XG’s clean, friendly user-interface is designed around fast and efficient working. Create estimates quickly using wizards or standard creation methods. Use split screen/dual monitor capability with always-open product search and drag and drop items directly into the takeoff grid – a first for estimating software.

    Add Takeoff Items Quickly

    Estimating XG has been designed with the estimator in mind. The all-new product search routine puts products, kits, favourites and direct entries in one place and provides fast and efficient product access. The uniquely designed speed menu puts your company’s preferred and frequently used products immediately to hand. Multipliers make takeoff for repeat areas/buildings easy and enhanced grid-filtering enables rapid data review.

    Maintain Databases Easily

    Built using latest technologies, Estimating XG enables easy database management. Use filters, views and batch updates to find and update products rapidly from large datasets. Use the Active Product Selector to limit available products. Create a database specifically tailored to your business. Maintain full discount and supplier nett prices and store up to three different installation times per product to cater for different types of work.

    Tender According to Best Practice

    Use simple grid cost type markup or full tender adjudication markup styles as you need. Apply your markup styles to ensure you adjudicate jobs to achieve your best price. Apply adjustments by level, at new item takeoff or globally, and easily cater for area or service differences.

    2D Takeoff with Quickscale

    Working with Quickscale allows you to take accurate measurements from a PDF or scanned drawing and import them directly into Estimating XG. Import takeoff measurements and areas quickly without printing drawings, use item takeoff to mark and count items, reduce data entry errors and printing costs.

    Increase Profits

    Take control of job profitability with ease. Combine your tailored database, including preferred supplier information, nett prices and project applicable installation times with an improved speed of working, dashboard and increased flexibility at tender using tender markup styles.

    Largest UK MEP Database

    Estimating XG is the only software with automatic connection to Luckins. Luckins contains data for over one million MEP products, including installation times, technical specifications and product images. Update your prices weekly using LiveUpdate and ensure you always have the latest price. Choose to update your in-progress estimates to today’s prices.

    Package Options

    An easy to use, cost effective solution packed with new time-saving features designed for small estimating teams or companies.

    XG Plus

    Flexible estimate generation with easy to use database management tools designed for companies wanting to increase efficiency and standardisation.

    XG Pro

    High level software providing corporate control specialist tendering functions, impressive database management tools and the power to work concurrently.

    Now includes:
    Material substitution
    Take-off importer

    Features List
    • Dashboard
    • Enquiry Management
    • Centralised Product and Kit Search
    • Speed Menu - for Fast Product Access (Estimating XG Pro Only)
    • Five Job Structure Levels
    • Direct Entry for Specials & Quoted Items
    • Easy Estimate Adjustments - Detailed to Global Levels
    • Cost Type Markup or Full Tender Adjudication
    • Product Batch Update
    • Active Product Selector
    • Create & Maintain Kits
    • Split Screen / Dual Monitor Working
    • Grid View, Filter and Search
    • Multipliers for Repeated Work Elements
    • Multi-User in Estimates (Estimating XG Pro Only)
    • Customisable Markup Styles (Estimating XG Plus and Pro Only)
    • Customisable Reports (Estimating XG Pro Only)
    • Report Designer (Estimating XG Pro Only)
    • Discount and Supplier Nett Price Maintenance
    • Store up to Three Installation Times per Product
    • Discontinued Item Maintenance Tool
    • Work with Luckins - Largest MEP Database in UK
    Estimating XG
    Product Guide
    Everything you need to know about our Estimating XG software.
    Estimating XG
    Feature List
    A full feature list of our Estimating XG software.
  • QuoteMaster

    Manage your contracts with ease

    QuoteMaster makes the administration of suppliers' and sub-contractors quotations quick, simple and more efficient. No need for propriety item, vendor codes or special product data.

    Integration with Estimating and Procurement

    Select the materials to contain in requests for quotations directly from your estimating or buying screen with no re-keying.

    Integration with Word and Excel

    Automatically generate quotation requests using templates of your own design in Microsoft Word or Excel for printing, for faxing or emailing to suppliers. All supplier information is automatically included in the quotation request to save even more time.

    Adjudication screen

    Make like-for-like comparisons of returned quotations in the user-defined adjudication screen, ensuring that all aspects of the supply, including delivery, fixed price allowances etc. are considered in the adjudication process.

    Minimise re-typing

    Automatically post selected supplier and prices back into your estimate or purchase orders without the need for re-keying, ensuring complete accuracy and increased productivity.

    Global view of all quotations

    Take a global view of quotations across all enquiries and projects, enabling you to keep track of which quotations you have requested, those that have been received and which remain outstanding from suppliers

  • QuickScale

    2D takeoff the easy way

    This simple to use add-in links with our popular Estimating software allowing you to take accurate measurements from any PDF or scanned drawing without printing them.

    Dramatically reduce time to takeoff

    Measure paths, lines and areas and mark and count items such as sockets and radiators on the drawing at the click of a mouse.

    Increase accuracy

    QuickScale is designed to measure pdfs faster and more accurately than a scale rule. Auto realign to correct scale.

    Reduce print cost

    QuickScale allows you to take accurate measurements from any PDF or scanned drawing. No need for CAD software, plotters or large format printers.

    Easy to use

    Simply upload the PDF, enter the scale of the drawing, plot a known measurement and the drawing will be automatically realigned to the correct scale. Complete takeoff then simply import the measurements into Estimating XG to complete your project.

    Features List
    • Fast accurate 2D takeoff
    • Measure from PDFs
    • Measure paths, lines and areas
    • Mark and count items
    • Zoom and pan around your drawing
    • Supports measurement in metres, millimetres, feet and inches
    • Multiple colours can be selected to differentiate between services/ items
    • Saves time and money
    • Auto realign to correct scale
    • Import easily into Amtech Estimating
    • Share files with Free QSViewer
    • No need for CAD software, plotters or large format printers
    • Use with square metre report in estimating
    • Print drawings (or parts of drawings) to A3 or A4 paper even if the original was A0 and without scale
    Product Guide
    Everything you need to know about our QuickScale software.